Spa Manicure: $15
Gel: $22, French: $25
Gel Manicure: Color: $32, French: $35
Gel Pedicure: Color: $47, French: $50

European Manicure: $22

  • Mineral Exfoliating Scrub
  • Paraffin Hot Wax
  • Relaxing and Soothing Massage
  • Hot Towels

Spa Pedicure: $25

  • Aroma-Therapy Spa Serum
  • Exfoliating Feet Scrub
  • Relaxing and Soothing Feet Massage
  • Hot Towels

European Pedicure: $35
Includes Spa Pedicure and:

  •  Aroma-Therapy Spa Serum
  • Mineral Sea Salt Exfoliating Scrub
  • Cooling Sea Mask
  • Callus Remover and Paraffin Hot Wax
  • Relaxing and Soothing Feet Massage
  • Hot Towels


Spa Manicure and Pedicure: $38

European Special: $48
Includes Spa Manicure and European Pedicure

Deluxe European Special: $55
Includes European Manicure and European Pedicure



Paraffin, Mask: Hand $5, Feet $5
Callus Remover: $6
Polish Change: Hand $8, Feet $9
Polish Change (French): Hand $13, Feet $15
Nail Takeoff: $5
Nail Design/Repair: $5
Extra Massage : $1 per minute


Your health and safety are our utmost concern at Carlsbad Salon District. Our spa chairs and tools are sanitized and/or disinfected in compliance with the California Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology regulations. Our spa chairs are disinfected with Ameri-Kleen or Safety-Kleen. The California State Board had approved these disinfected solutions to be used after each client is servered. A set of clean, disinfected tools and implements in a blue personal plastic pouch is used for each customer.

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