Erica G., Carlsbad, CA

My first visit was yesterday. I was a walk-in and had the opportunity to meet Laura, owner of Carlsbad Salon District, and team. I felt right at home and learned that Laura's salon services are purposeful to her community serving bridal parties, expecting mothers, and walk-ins that may have a need for an environment that is more sterile, hypo-allergenic and chemical free with regards to non-acetone and acrylic treatments/services.

Carlsbad Salon District has the most up-to-date selection trending in salon products, anniversary/special promotion polish colors, and traditional services. Waiting for my appointment included an open atrium garden and friendly environment. This is truly a one-stop-beauty resource!

Mirna E., Oceanside, CA

Let me start off by saying that I was really really impressed by this place.  It's right across the street from the Carlsbad Village Shopping Center off of Carlsbad Village Drive.  It's a small hair and nail salon that specializes in providing care for expectant mothers and children.  How, you ask?  Well, when I walked in...there was NO chemical odors!  It was so apparent I mentioned it to the staff and that's when they told me the rationale.  They do not do acrylics here, sorry ladies... this isn't the place to go for that.  But if you just want a manicure and/or pedicure, let me tell you, this is the best place to be at!

They have 4 chairs and everything was reasonably priced. Julie did my mani and pedi and I will say it was the best I've had.  The massage, was actually a massage and not a, "I want to see how fast I can rub the lotion into your legs" type of an experience.  I didn't feel rushed as I have been before in other salons.  I really felt pampered here.

The environment was peaceful and staff was very friendly.  I happened to meet another fellow yelper that day and she has been coming for a long time. There was also a high number of males getting pedicures here.  I was shocked, but it must be less intimidating than other nail salons.

Thomas F., San Marcos, CA

I'm a guy. From the east coast. I don't do this kind of stuff. But I tried it one day. Ya know, us guys don't clean our feet as well as we should. I've discovered that the benefits of men getting a pedi are extremely beneficial. It's really not a bad thing for a guy to walk in and get a pedicure. Especially this salon.

The staff is nice. There is no Toxic smell. It's across from the Pacific Ocean. The chairs are modern and comfortable. It's so relaxing and feels good. I'm coming back. In fact I'm going to get my haircut here from now on as well.  Great place to get pampered.

Gabi G., Carlsbad, CA

This is my go-to place for a pedicure in Carlsbad Village (or anywhere, really!).

As other reviewers have mentioned, the salon is well-decorated and doesn't reek of chemicals. It's in a fantastic location; right on the corner of Carlsbad Village Drive and Carlsbad Blvd, across from the ocean and next to Cessy's. 🙂 I am a stickler for cleanliness at nail salons, and they certainly measure up, meticulously cleaning and sterilizing everything between each person--even when it's super busy.

The level of service is fantastic. Every time I'm there, they offer me tea or water to drink, allow me to personalize the different nail packages, and help me pick out my colors. Even the standard spa pedicure includes a lengthy foot and leg massage, and I have never been less than thrilled with how my pedicure has turned out.

In short: definitely try Carlsbad Salon District for your next pedicure or manicure (or both!). I promise you'll leave feeling relaxed and pampered.

Kristen R., San Diego, CA

The ladies were all really nice and took their time with our mani-pedi without rushing us out the door, making sure everything was done thoroughly and completely until the nails were fully dry. My friend brought her 5 month old in, and the ladies thoughtfully worked around her having to hold the baby. When it was time to dry her nails, one of the ladies held and played with the baby until my friend's nails were done, and she did a really good job keeping the baby happy and entertained, too! We were very impressed and felt thoroughly pampered.

Linda R., Oceanside, CA

I always appreciate Laura, the owner's attention, and good care. As I have said in previous reviews, it is a big plus that Laura is great with my husband's beard and hair. Most men don't want to come to a salon for service but my husband is totally comfortable coming with me to get his hair cut while I get my nails done. My husband's hair and beard turned out great.

My manicure was handled by Ivy and my pedicure was done by Chelsea. It was so nice to have my manicure done with careful attention to my cuticles as I love. Ivy was very gentle and didn't cause me to tense up being like some way past experiences. My favorite part of a manicure is cleaning up my cuticles and the hand rub. This experience made me want to come regularly.

Ivy is very sweet and patient and gives a wonderful hand massage. Chelsea was awesome too. I love, love, love my pedicure. The toe nails are all even and beautifully polished. I pray that she is encouraged to know what a difference it makes to have a great pedicure. I will want to come see her regularly too.

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